Fast results!! How to get rid of tired eyes, multiple eyelids, deep eye sockets with exercise

Description of Fast results!! How to get rid of tired eyes, multiple eyelids, deep eye sockets with exercise

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How to get rid of tired eyes, Multiple eyelids, deep eye sockets, wide eye lids.

There are many reasons for this problem, such as inborn.
Or is it because of age, subcutaneous fat will gradually decrease.

The nature of the eye socket.
1. See the eye socket bone below the eyebrow as a clear edge.

2. See multiple layers of eyes Deep into the eye socket or as a single layer deep into the eye socket.

3. Eyes look sad and tired all the time.

4. It is a western style eye socket. But in Asian people it may make you look older.

Cannot be fixed by applying cream alone.
You must also use other methods.

Is to massage and exercise the skin around the eyes to return to be bright and firm.

Increased tightening of the eyelids With techniques from Korea.

Let’s get started.

We recommend that you wash your hands first.

Step 1
Squeeze the eyebrow area from the head of the brow to the tail of the brow. Do 5 rounds.

Help relieve muscle tension.

Step 2
Use both thumbs to gently press along the upper eye bone. Do 5 rounds.

Step 3
Use your middle fingers on both sides to gently press down on the lower eyelid bones. Do 5 rounds.

Step 4
Place your finger on the tail of the eyebrow and push up the temporal muscle beside the head. Do 10 times.

Step 5
Divide the eyelids into 3 parts. Use your fingers to gently twist. Do 3 rounds.

Pull and twist gently horizontally. Do 3 rounds.

Step 6
Use your fingertips to gently tap. From the top of the eye to the temple, do 10 rounds.

Finished; Should do 1-2 times a day every day.

After the massage and exercise on the surface of the eyes.
You should apply eye cream around your eyes as well.

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