How To Hack a Vending Machine

Watch And See How To Hack a Vending Machine

A Short Description Of How To Hack a Vending Machine

Today I show you how to hack any vending machine and get whatever you want for free. This simple code can be used on ALL vending machines. Simply enter the code as instructed then select which item you want. The code overrides the system – tricking the machine into thinking it’s being serviced. This results in you being able to select any item you want for free! Sometimes it can even give you money. Simply follow the step by step instructions. As of the 26th of October 2017 this method works on ALL vending machines in Japan, Australia & America. It may also work elsewhere, give it a go and let me know in the comments if it worked. Show everyone how easy it is to obtain free items from any vending machine! TWEET IT► EGGBOOK IT► Click Here To Eggscribe! –► ‪ Have a video Suggestion? Post…


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