How To Make a Meme

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Today I show you how to make a meme. When it comes to making/generating a meme it’s important that you include as much Channing Tatum as possible. As a wise man once said: “my name jeff” – This is an incredibly powerful message that we can all learn from. Everyday millions of people around the word attempt to make a meme, the majority of which seriously injure themselves. This must come to an end. We all need to join forces and spread awareness for this important cause. Please ensure that you show this video to a loved one, and most importantly remember: 1 Like = 1 Jeff. Thank You Show your friends how to correctly generate a meme! SHARE IT: TWEET IT► EGGBOOK IT► Click Here To Eggscribe! –► Have a video Suggestion? Post it in the Comments Section, Contact me through my Facebook page or Tweet…


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