Only 2 Mins!! How to get rid of Puffy bags under eyes and Swollen under eyes in the morning quickly.

Description of Only 2 Mins!! How to get rid of Puffy bags under eyes and Swollen under eyes in the morning quickly.

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How to get rid of puffy bags under eyes in the morning.

Puffy bags under the eyes caused by poor circulation in the body.
Thus causing the liquid to congest the area under the eyes
which usually comes from the following behaviors.

Such as crying heavily or rubbing your eyes.
Sleep deprivation and hard night work, Drink alcohol regularly.
Or allergic to various substances, using too much eyesight.

How to get rid of puffy eye bags quickly.
Is a massage to stimulate blood flow around the eyes.
In order to break down the accumulated fat and waste expelled downward.

Let’s get started.

We recommend that you massage in the morning.

Step 1
Use your fingers to press from between the eyebrows, eyebrow head,
in the middle of the eyebrows and brow tail. Do 2 rounds.

Help loosen the muscles around the eyebrows.

Step 2
Put your hand on the ear massage forward 10 times.
Helps stimulate the activity of the lymph nodes to work better.
Backward massage 10 times.
Up and down massage 10 times.

Step 3
Apply the eye cream first.
Use your middle finger to start massage from the top of the eye down under the eyes in 10 circular motions.

Stimulates the circulation of blood around the eyes.

Step 4
Look at the top. Use your middle finger to press on the puffy eye bags and
drag them to the sides of the temples.
Do this 10 times.

Helps to eliminate fluid or fat that has accumulated in bags under the eyes.

Step 5
Should apply lotion or essence to make the skin slippery.

Place your palm in a triangle in the middle of your face
and drag it to the side, rub it down the throat, do this 10 times

Help drive waste and accumulated fat down to the bottom.
Reduce the symptoms of bags under the eyes, swelling of the face.

When did you have bags under your eyes?
Try massaging to get rid of bags under the eyes.

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